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multiple personnel on the scene goring to be diminished. so our ability to mitigate emergencies decreased. >> i don't feel very safe. i have never had to have circumstances where i need them, but would like to know they can be there when they're called. and it sounds like they may be delayed. >> our firefighters goring to do everything they can to protect the community. they're professionals but can only do so much. when we stretch our resources, it puts strain on their ability to protect our neighborhood. >> and as you can see, the grass atop communications hill is already tender dry. san jose laid off 49 firefighters last year, factoring in the browned out station, they're operating with nine fewer companies than it did two years ago. the mayor says it's unlikely they'll be able to fire any firefighters until they can
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address issues of rising pension costs. we're live in san jose, abc 7 news. >> thank you, david, city leaders working into early morning hours reached a deal on a $6.8 billion package for san francisco. the board presented restores $5.5 million in prop proposed cuts and drops the marriage plan to privatize 71 security officers at the two public hospitals. the committee came up with $3.5 million for a new police academy class. the board votes in late july. the 11th hour budget hired back 22 police officers and keep libraries and fire stations open but 70 city workers will be laid off and a. >> a. >> dozens of people protested cuts that took affect today.
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and there is people with disability that's will be hit hard by the cuts. it slashes child care aid by 15%. protesters say it will push some into poverty. >> can't cut back on rent so... you know have you to cut back on things like food. >> we're going to pay more, we're going to pay more in shelter costs and foster care. >> pro festers say they support the measure to let voters decide on whether to expire the tax increases. >> and a handful of cities have fire works for sale but there is a renewed call to ban them in one community, around san bruno. some people fear the danger of them causing a fire could
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prove devastating for the neighborhood. it is now overgrown with dry grass. >> they're concerned because of the explosion. fire works didn't cause that. most issues happening because of fire works where you have fires are people using illegal fire works or safe and sane fire works in improper manner. >> police say they've increased patrols to keep an eye out for anyone using illegal fire work autos one of the best ways to enjoy fire works is one of the big displays, fog sometimes makes those difficult to see, especial fully san francisco, things are looking good for weekend this, is a live look at san francisco, you can see treasure island there. it's been a gorg skbris warm afternoon. people enjoying the opportunity to sun bathe in north beach. and a couple women were grateful for a break from the fog. >> it's awesome. and when this is is a great
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way to take a look. >> and spencer is here with a look at how hot it got. >> there is a warm up. and these are the highs so far. 91 degrees in morgan hill. and 93 in antioch. 90 fairfield. 92 cloverdale. 88 san jose. it's hot, and very warm. 75 here in san francisco. and tomorrow, high temperatures upper 80s in loxz around the bay. and that is just the beginning of warm weather coming our way. i'll have the forecast coming up. >> and. >> there is dangerous conditions on california rivers. overnight, four deputies got
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swept downstream when their boat got caught and they've been trying to reach three teen-aged boys on inner tubes. a member of the second team had to be rescued. >> we're in the trees for about maybe almost two hours. >> this is because of some person's ignorance about the ravaging waters caused our officers to get in disstress. >> six other people have been pulled and authorities are warning people to stay out of the fast-moving water as temperatures, high temperatures melt this year's near-record sierra snow pack autos an accident on northbound 680 backed up traffic for miles this afternoon. two cars were invoofled in this crash, both rolled over. only minor injuries were reported. all lanes opened again by mid afternoon. there, you can see two cars on the side of the road.
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>> and the ferry system ran after the ticket takers union did not follow through. and the takers contract expired at midnight. the bridge district plans to begin using auto mated ticket vending machine as way from tomorrow. >> union painters picketed at the toll plaza today after the painters voted to decertify their unions. there is no impact on bridge traffic. two other trade unions honored the lines. >> and the case against former international monetary fund chief is falling apart. a judge said he can be released with no bail. >> the fund leaders walked out
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of court smiling. the case against him is weakening and a judge freed him. >> thank you, your honor the. >> the judge said the case is not over. prosecutors made clear circumstances changed considerably. >> it's clear that the straempkth has been affected by the substantial credibility issues relating to the limits we're not moving to dismiss this case this time. >> records say the accuser has lied to them about several things and found the district attorney is not giving up. >> today's proceedings did not dismiss the indictment for any charges against the defendant. >> the alleged victims' attorney says developments change nothing. >> the medical evidence supports the victims account. the forensic evidence reports her account. she was taken from the hotel to the hospital in an am back
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to you labs. -- ambulance. >> the lawyer called this a happy day. >> today is a first, giant step in the right direction. and next step will lead to a mississippial of the charges. >> he can travel within the united states but can't go back to france because the court has his passport. the case deteriorated. now, his lawyers will be trying to convince prosecutors to drop charges. abc news, new york. >> american pro testers on a boat bound for the gaza strip have been prevented from leaving greece. they tried to head out to see but were intercepted by authorities. a flotilla of nine vessels are aiming to break israel's sea blockade to deliver aid to the palestinian territory. some are from the bay area, other boats docked in greece and turkey claim their vessels have been sabotaged.
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>> still ahead this afternoon, smokers need not alie. the company with a strict new anti-smoking policy. >> and baby boomers beginning new careers far from the corporate world, making money and changing the way we take a look at retirement. >> one driver's solution to get out of gridlock sent pedestrians running. >> and a look at get way traffic on 101 in millbrae. you can see southbound traffic bottled up there. northbound traffic heading into the city moving nicely. we'll be right back. ñçñçñçñçñça
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there is late word maria shriver file forward divorce
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today from former governor schwartzeneggar citing irreconcilable differences. and it comes six weeks after schwartzeneggar admitted fathering a child with a member of the couple's household staff. shriver's petition seeks joint custody of the couple 17-year-old and 13-year-old son autos starting today an arizona insurance provider is hiring only nonspoker -- smokers. humanna says it's make the move to promote healthy behavior saying new hirz will have to under go go a drug test and a nicotine test. those who smoke after being hired will have to go through a program to help them quit z legal experts say smoking is not a category protected under law. >> if you're older, we're going use that term loosely, out of work there, is a sign. the statistic shows unemployment rate for workers over 54 is lower, going down faster than for younger
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workers. it's partly because older workers are statting new businesses or working for themselves. >> i don't have a big ego i need to impress people that i was in the corporate world 33 years. >> barry's planned on finishing the career as a production executive. that was until he became a 60-year-old casualty of the incredible shrinking publishing business. >> i didn't know anything when i bought my first alpaca. >> it's not like playing farmville. it's the real thing. he worked in another farm rising his -- raising his own alpaca to make sure he understood what it's going to take. >> having a business that would make incremental money, supplementing retirement pay that. is not a hobby farm. it's like this scale. we did okay in year one, the economy crash it's been more
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of work. >> the money he makes selling the wool wholesale and from the farm's small retail shop barely covers the cost of taking care of the animals. his only real chance of profitibility comes from breeding alpaca. >> and i'm 63. i don't want to be as active at 73 as i am now. two things happen. this business turns into a ongoing profitible business where i can have more labor on a full time basis, and then, i'm doing this at my leisure. >> and the a.cording to the small business administration, the growth rate for the self imployed is increasing faster than any other age group. he believes forced early retirement was a blessing and the motivation he needed to try something he wanted to do while he was still young, and healthy enough to give it a go. >> this is about substance.
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i don't care about style. somebody asks what did you do before this? i say i worked for time ink corporated for my life. >> and for more of the next tracks reports go to abc there is a link to the next track facebook page. >> an aspiring person helped name a resident at the california academy of sciences winning the online name the snake contest to name that, an 18-foot long python that lives in southeast asia, helping her come wupt winning name. >> i looked it up and i found out. >> kirana is the name.
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she'll get the opportunity to take a tour at the akad noi see how the staff takes care of the exotic creatures from around the world. pretty cool this, is a rare tismt a whale shark off the coast of florida spot bid a group of divers who can be seen here swimming alongside the animal this, is the largest fish in the ocean. it's harmless to humans but we're not sure about other way around. this wung hung out 20 brins sh sh -- minutes before swam away. >> here, this driver in china, frustrated with traffic abandoned the roadway. and witnesses say he showed little regard for people using the foot bridge. he can be seen here. he looked and went what? and went another way. i mean, really. >> yes. >> and.
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>> we're in store for a very warm holiday weekend. >> right. would you call it hot? >> it's getting hot. >> that is what we want 4th of july. this is a live view hooking at golden gate absent of fog. it's clear, sunny, warm around the bay area and there is a close up image indicates there is a warm dry flow of wind that swept clouds away. looking temperatures into 90s, low to mid-90s, upper 70s to upper 80s around the bay. 66 now in half moon bay this, is the 24 hour change, it's 15 degrees warmer now in san rafael than this hour, yesterday. 12 degrees warmer in los gatos. and there is maybe not
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continuing draw maticly and there is a sizzle starting tomorrow. he holds on throughout 4th of july and beyond, actually. overnight tonight may see patchy dog and there is lows everywhere inland and around the bay, mild side. mid to upper 50s near the bay and coast. upper 50s to 60s inland. on yes we go. there is huge ridge of high pressure that will be a hot holiday weekend. weather lasts throughout the weekend. high temperatures tomorrow state wide, 99 in chico. 117 in palm springs. 86 in los angeles, similar readings sunday, 100 in sacramento. and there is 115 in palm
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springs sunday. here in the bay area, looking for highs into upper 80s to low 90s, and there is mid to upper 60s on the coast. downtown 76. 70 into sunset district. and there is near east bay highs into 8 ows. and mid-90s and we're going to expect highs into 70s near the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. up to 100 degrees on sunday. and again, tuesday. and there is monday, looking warm also, visibility should be good and the heat goes on.. >> oh, boy. >> more in the next half hour. >> i'm with you. hot. >> it's hot. >> and michael vick is getting his old job back. nike announced its resigned the quarterback to an endorsement deal. nike dropped it after he made
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a plea deal in connection with a dog fighting ring. nike says it supports changes but did not condone his past action. >> jennifer aniston is shredding her good girl image in a big way. >> here with the premier of her new movie. >> may have been the premier of "horrible bosses" but on the red carpet got the low down on what kind of bosses these stars are. >> oerks i'm not a boss. i'm not a big star as you think. i -- check back with me. hopefully, i get there. >> jennifer aniston and jamie fox walked the carpet in support of the film. you can the film premier. >> actor jonathan rhys myers
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was found on the floor of his home tuesday by paramedics. his spokesperson made no immediate comment n other news, beyonce has taken the world by storm this week. sunday the first woman in history to sell out london's glaft onbury arena. -- glastonbury arena. >> and this morning, she performed on "good morning america" and talked about acting in the remake of "a star is born". i'm on the red carpet in los angeles. >> coming up next, why nasa is suing an apollo 14 astronaut. and being billed the first robot for toddlers but parents like it as much as kids. take a look. >> and firefighters scouring
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the internet looking for illegal sale of fire work autos taking a look at live calm i 80 in berkeley. and what you notice is ugly [ female announcer ] did you know nine out of ten growinkids don't get the recommended amounts of whole grain and calcium? that's where their favorite cereals like trix and cocoa puffs can help. general mills big g
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nas with aa is suing a former astronaut to get back a camera that went to the moon, claiming the astronaut tried to sell that camera.
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they went to the moon in 1971. nasa says there is no record the device was transfered to mitchell and the agency wants it back. so far, there have been no response from mitchell. >> the world's first intelligent robot for toddlers hit the market in south korea. the kibot is for working parents wanting to keep an eye on kids at home. it includes video phone and a toy. todd lirs can operate it using a picture card, touching mommy card, it connects a video call with mom at work. parents with move the kibot around to find their kids. >> i can move the things around. either not calling back into the screen. but very to call for it. like where is the baby? and i look for things, the baby-sitter shows me around. now, i can control the thing. >> and it reads, teaches and
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sings. and it's price is 450s oodz oh, my goodness. >> and coming up, after 4:30 july 4th plans cut short for some in washington. >> trash talk goes into overdrive and overtime. >> in china town, illegal fire works starting to heat up just in time for 4th of july. >> and sunny, warm today, sunny skies and warmer tomorrow. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up.
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bay area police are out today trying to keep this from happening. >> every july 4th people set off illegal fire works. and. >> they're out here among us, young kids approaching people asking them if they want to buy fire works. if you do, well, they'll take knew an alley. they hide the stuff, negotiate, there you are. and these teenagers were looking for fire work autos this is easy. >> this has been easy. we can't find the fire work autos maybe they weren't looking into the right places
4:30 pm
because the young entrepreneurs were here in mass. >> this whole street is selling fire works. >> we bumped into a team of officers from nearby central skaigs. -- station. he knows many kids selling by first names. >> kids are out here with cell phones now. you know? >> in the past, police have confiscated lots of fire works here. and under cover officers made several arrests. >> there is a variety of fire works and some of them were more powerful types. >> usually for 4th of july goi somewhere secluded where they won't hear explosions. >> and she knows how powerful m 80s can be. four years ago. she and her friends were in dolores park watching from the
4:31 pm
wharf. people began throwing m 80s into the crowd. one of them exploded near her. >> we scattered and the shrapnel tore part of my right hand. >> she lost most of her index finger. >> i had 12 surgeries at this point and sometimes, i'm doing hand therapy three times per week. for months at a time. >> and she's now going to a college in the east coast. she's also a drummer for a band telling me that she's getting used to holding a drum stick in her hands and is doing well at it. >> nice to see she's doing well. >> do police have an idea if sales are up and down? >> well, police say it's slow here in china town.
4:32 pm
saying fire work sales declined. one officer speculated these young sellers are probably experiencing the same thing other business people do with a slow economy. >> thank you. >> and you couldn't have x.for a better weather. just taking a look at the live shot from golden gate bridge. looks like a most past. -- card. there is a holiday weekend forecast. >> it's good observations, and warm now, these are highs so far today. and you can see we're into low to mid-90s and 80s around the bay. the warm weather is here. and it's going to be here for a while. and taking a look ahead, inland highs mid-90s tomorrow, and there is 82348 san rafael.
4:33 pm
the weekend is going to sizzle that goes beyond. >> and more than a million and a half californians will face higher premiums starting today, increases affect people employed by small businesses. aetna imposing rate hikes by 15%. a few may face 92% increase, kaiser is raising rates up to 12%. healthnet and sharp plan are increasing they're premiums. a measure will be debated further regulating rate hike autos temperatures getting hotter in washington. so are the temperatures. there is rhetoric over the debt ceiling has gotten nasty. and no one seems willing to budth. -- budge. >> for the first time since 1974, the senate will be
4:34 pm
working through the july 4th holiday. >> we couldn't afford to take this time off. >> the president and senate leader as agreed quickly approaching deadline required an extra week in washington. today the senate was in session less than one minute before adjourning. mr. obama left for the presidential retreat. before the break, the trash talking exploded. and republicans slammed the president for not taking a more active role. >> maybe if he took a valium, it might be helpful. >> democrats threw it back. >> this seems lix leader mcconnell is willing to tank the economy for the sake of protecting tax breaks for oil companies, corporate jets. >> the white house zeroed in on $2 trillion in reduction coming from budget cuts in more than $400 billion in tax increases nomplt decade. >> we spend a lot of money
4:35 pm
that we don't have. >> add together drama of the negotiations, reports that ve tre surey secretary is contemplating leaving after an agreement is reached on the debt ceiling saying yesterday he'll nbt job for the foreseeable future. the treasury department says august 2 is still the deadline but the white house wants it wrapped up well before that. >> and leon pinetta was confirmed earlier this week in a rare 100-0 vote. replacing robert gates, a holdover from the bush administration. his challenges will include overseeing u.s. withdrawals from iraq and afghanistan. >> the secretary of defense i will work to ensure our nation continues to have the best
4:36 pm
trained, best he quipped in the world. >> later today the 73-year-old is set to fly home to the family farm. >> still ahead this afternoon another company about to go public. how much zinga expects to raise coming up. >> also a nervous-sounding prince william speaks in canada. we're getting more details about the visit to california. >> traffic moving well on 680 right now. nothing like gridlock we saw on interstate 80. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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another bay area internet company is going public, hoping to raise up to $1 billion. the san francisco company is behind popular games like farmville. the announcement follows recent ipos and both based in the bay area. >> wall street ended the week with the market's biggest weekly gain in two years. >> there are plenty of fire works this week. major averages ending for a fifth day in a row, our biggest gain in two years, hows of homeowners getting a break. almost 5,000 homeowners had
4:40 pm
their principal reduced, part of the obama administration's ongoing effort to prevent foreclo shurk it's helped 21,000 kbrorers with temporary write downs of the principal. more than 5,000 have dropped out. in car sales for june came out today. high prices steering buyers towards more fuel efficient cars. gm and ford say it rows, mainly because of a lag in sales in pick ups. and at the new york stock exchange with the bloomberg after the bell report. >> and summer is a time of experimentation for a lot of teenager autos these young people are channeling that energy into a new program keeping them on track until school starts, ahead. >> and jazz and the heart and
4:41 pm
soul of san francisco. there is a live report coming up.lilililililililililililililii
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there is a gorgeous view of downtown san francisco. and temperatures are climbing for this holiday weekend. >> and they are. and find out just how hot they're go going to get.
4:44 pm
spencer christian is here with the accu-weather forecast. >> and there is a big ridge of high pressure building in going to dominate and there is a hot holiday weekend coming our way. and tomorrow, high temperatures state wide looking like this. 99 in chico. and 104 fresno. 117 in palm springs. 88 in los angeles. and there is a 61 again in bur yeeka. and there is 115 in palm springs, tomorrow, suspecting highs to range from low to mid-90s and lots of 8 ows around the bay. and there is near monterey bay, 95 inland in morgan hill.
4:45 pm
89 hol lifter, mid to upper 70s around the bay. and there is some 4th of july fire works coming up monday night in san francisco, 9:30 in the time we'll see fire works in the air, clear skies and visibility will be good. and looks like a good night. the accu-weather forecast looks like this, will be a hot weekend. and tomorrow's highs mid-90s inland and mid-80s around the bay. up to 100 degrees into warmest locations on sunday. and there is low 70s on the coast. and temperatures dropping and monday, a difference between 98 and 100. there is upper 60s on the coast. highs around 100 degrees on tuesday. and there is about a four-day
4:46 pm
life span. next three days after that. and we can call this a heat wave. >> what about fog? usually that is a problem. >> we expect patchy fog to return and probably not going to move far inloaned okay. >> we like that. >> it's a nice, warm weekend for the jazz festival. that means it will be closed. >> people start and there is the friday art walk. don sanchez is there as it gets ready to kick off. >> i think you're right. it's becoming an instant gallery with third edition of the art walk happening today. what is unique is that they're
4:47 pm
great works from artists in the neighborhood. take a look getting it ready z yes, here there is art of all kinds. music and dance. among these gal riz are nooun unique masks for children. and in a sense, they're being reinvented. >> this is a pack from a juice box container this, is a lid have fr a whole foods party tray. plastic table cloths. a mylar balloon. we make these creations. >> this brought so much unity to the community. there is businesses and bringing artists from around the bay area, making sure local artists are featured.
4:48 pm
>> this is just a preview. the naz festival happening again in this neighborhood. it used to be the heart and soul, musically speaking of san francisco. and music, food, loads of artists. and there is i suppose plenty of parking. we'll show you what's happening then. also, there is a preview of an international jazz star. you'll hear that at 6:00. >> and new tools designed to help awe void a kmn barbecue blend blunder.
4:49 pm
new generation of propane monitor autos later at 5:00 recycled bag offer from a local grocery store chain local grocery store chain could helplpñçñçñçñçñç//?????
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♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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live look at grim traffic situation on the san francisco skyway right now. very heavy. if you're preparing to hit the road pack your patience. a royal wedding today in mondayacko. prince albert took the plunge and the 53-year-old has been one of europe's most eligible bachelors and there was speculation his bride to be was get being cold feet but it went off without a hitch. >> and quite the affair. >> yes. >> governor brown's office
4:53 pm
announced he will greet prince william and kate when arriving in los angeles next week. >> the royals in canada for the first full day of their visit joining in canada day celebrations. you can see tens of thousands lined the streets just to get a glimpse of them. >> we're thrilled and excited by the prospects of the next eight days. it will be an adventure we'll never forget. >> and we'll never forget that hat. the royal couple will arrive in l.a. next friday. the following day in a black tie dinner to introduce british film tell tallahasseent. >> it's fun to watch. >> if you have a gas grill no, doubt you've been there. >> i've been there. >> yes. >> and this grill is loaded
4:54 pm
with food, and there is a hungry crowd and the flame goes out. >> and there are products designed to help awe void this barbecue blunder. >> the grill sizzling with food. >> you have people over and want everything to go smoothly. and you don't know what to do at this point. >> consumer reports says there is help. testers checked out a number of products designed to prevent this blunder. >> this is design that allows you to add propane in there. you can see quick lid clearly. >> these tanks can be pricey. consumer reports found did it not fit in a grill. another solution, getting a grill with a propane gauge. the red marker indicates the
4:55 pm
tank is full. if your grill didn't come a gauge, you can get an after market one like this. another solution? the second tank on hand. >> it's a good idea to have a back up tank if you do a lot of grilling. it's an easy thing to do. always keep it filled and you're ready to go. >> so there are no more excuses for letting the grill sizzle fizzle. >> sky 7 is live in san francisco this, is south of market. there has been a solution here. >> yes. it's live over the scene. you can see it now. there are five ambulances called to the scene. there could be injuries. not sure if any of those are serious. >> we know it's causing a
4:56 pm
traffic mess, so again, difficult traffic situation out there. we'll keep you posted coming up at 5:00. >> students in east san jose getting a boost in science this summer. >> they are. it's a camp called stepping up to science helping 8th graders trying to close the achievement gap. >> the investment one company is making to help the kids. >> many of them will die in the hospital. >> moses is sending his summer learning about genetic diseases and doing science projects. >> this is everyone so friendly here. i like and enjoy this program, very much. >> for one month, and he other 8th grade graduates are preparing for high school biology, filling in the gap. most of these students come
4:57 pm
from under served communities oom haven't taken it so many years and there is a focus on english and math. and that leads to schools being two subjects instead about a breadth of subjects. >> and focus is on raising student performance in math and science, they have partnership was several companies. national semi conductors provides the money. it doesn't end here, teachers continue to be trained in science. >> they know how to teach
4:58 pm
science and continue their four years of high school. >> the companies are very involved in the education foundation and work we do with education. >> this camp is offering other academic programs to help students get on the college track. >> i'm the second to go to college it and would be important to my mom. >> thanks for joining us at 4:00. there is wayne freedman coming up shortly. the news now starts with dan ashley. >> firefighters scouring the internet for the sale of illegal fire work that's could spell trouble this holiday weekend. a local chain offers to help keep state parks open with the recycled bag program and the merced river rescue, saving lives of seven people.
4:59 pm
>> good evening, i'm dan ashley. and what a nice day it is. 4th of july holiday weekend, and fun started. a lot of people have vacationed today to make this a four-day weekend. here is a look now live in emeryville. you can see a lot of people out on the highway. and they're starting plans. triple a projects 39 million people will travel 50 miles from home during holiday weekend. we hope everyone gets there safely. some people will run into trouble. there is an accident in san francisco. and this was a day to enjoy and people didn't find a trace. and this is now a look at problem that's have happened on the holiday weekend. this is a
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